Across four generations of a family's commitment and capability, Hoge Lumber Company has produced a wide spectrum of superior quality hardwood products for discriminate buyers in the United States and throughout the world.

Nestled in the heart of America's abundant hardwood country, Hoge Lumber Company combines an entire community's pride of craftsmanship with modern technologies to create a multitude of small, medium, and massive configurations from white oak, red oak, maple, ash, walnut, and other prized hardwoods.  There is no specification in size, shape, quantity, or quality which lies outside the Hoge Production ability.

The story of any Hoge product begins in the expansive hardwood timberland where graduate foresters, experts in their vocations, select mature trees on an individual basis in terms of scheduled end use.  This Hoge process of ultimate selectivity, practiced now for three-quarters of a century, has not only maintained optimum natural balance in the countryside but has enriched and upgraded the quality, yield, and beauty of the timberlands for future generations.


Global Expansion

Hoge Lumber Company has a sales office and warehouse in Shanghai, China to serve the Asian market with American bowling lanes, sports floors and residential interiors.

Commitment to Recycling

With the wood waste obtained from the various jobs completed, Hoge Lumber Company uses that recycled wood waste to make heat for the factory, produce steam for the kilns, and also generate electricity--a commitment to recycling, green energy, and limiting waste.

Trucks & Deliveries

Hoge is proud of their record of following up after the sale through the shipping of your products, as well as when installation is required at the job site.  Hoge has semi trailers, flat beds, and box trucks available for delivery to local and regional building contractors, job sites, and industries.  Whether locally on Hoge trucks or worldwide in shipping containers, your products leave the factory and arrive as promised.